Pressurised hot water and boosted cold water systems

We hold Certification for Unvented Hot Water Systems and Water Regulations Certification. We combine this with over 15 years’ experience to install and maintain pressurised hot water and boosted cold water systems.


About unvented hot water and boosted cold water systems


Unvented hot water cylinders are designed to deliver high-pressure hot water supplies to our homes. The water is stored directly from the mains water supply and heated using either electrical heating elements or a boiler. This increased pressure has lots of great advantages. It can vastly improve the quality of your shower and the cylinders can effectively supply high-pressure water to outlets at high level such as in a loft. Better still a cold water storage tank is not required.


It’s highly important that the mains supply pressure and flow rate is checked before an unvented hot water cylinder is installed. Supply pressure that is too low or too high can equally have a negative impact. For your safety it’s also vital that a pressure-reducing valve is installed to limit the pressure of the incoming mains water supply.


What is an accumulator?


An increasingly common problem that we are seeing is reduced mains water dynamic pressure and flows. In some of the worst instances this has resulted in complete failure of the supply. The solution to this problem is the use of an accumulator. Basically, the accumulator takes high pressure water from the mains supply at times of low demand and stores it under pressure.


One of our experts can talk you through the whole process in more detail and provide the best solution for your property. We can also assess your current mains water supply pressure in order to find out if an accumulator will be required in your property.


A friendly, professional and transparent service


At NS Plumbing & Heating, we believe in delivering excellent customer service at all times. To us this means that you should always receive a friendly, professional and totally transparent service.



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