Energy Efficient Boiler

How to ensure that I have an energy efficient boiler

An efficient boiler is one that turns fuel into heat with minimal energy and with as little waste as possible. Since 2010 in the UK, boilers installed into domestic properties must be at least 88 per cent efficient. The good news is that most new boilers are between 88 per cent and 91 per cent efficient, meeting the minimum requirements.

Boiler ratings

A modern boiler’s efficiency can be determined by reviewing its energy rating from A-G, with A being highly efficient and G being highly inefficient.

Here’s what the A-D ratings of boilers mean according to the scale:

·         A-rated boilers are more than 90 per cent efficient

·         B-rated boilers are 86-90 per cent efficient

·         C-rated boilers are 82-86 per cent efficient

·         D-rated boilers are 78-82 per cent efficient

An A-rated boiler could save you £130 on your heating bills versus a D-rated boiler. Many older boilers are rated 78 to 82 per cent efficient.

Which types of boiler are the most efficient?

1.      Combi boilers

Condensing combi boilers are extremely efficient. They are around 90 per cent efficient or better, and they are perfect for small homes (for example, a 3-bed semi). They offer hot water and heating without the need for a separate water tank.

2.      System boilers

System boilers require a cylinder for storing hot water, although all major hot water and heating systems are built into the boiler itself. System boilers are generally 88-92 per cent efficient, depending on brand and boiler size. System boilers are best-suited to homes with more than one bathroom and like combi boilers, they offer a supply of constant hot water.

3.      Regular boilers

Regular boilers have a water tank and rely on separate components. They usually heat only, requiring a separate hot water cylinder. Regular boilers are best-suited to larger homes, or homes with more than two bathrooms. Due to the improvements made with combi and system boilers in recent years, however, regular boilers are becoming less popular. They are generally more than 88 per cent efficient.

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