Boiler Maintenance

5 Boiler Maintenance Tips

Here are 5 boiler maintenance tips to keep your heating system in working order:

1.      Always have an annual service

To keep your boiler ticking along all-year round, you should have it serviced annually by a professional. During a boiler service, the engineer will remove the boiler’s case to look at all its components. They will check the flue gas analyser and water pressure, to make sure that the boiler is functioning as intended. They will then replace wearable components that show signs of failure. Remember – only Gas Safe registered engineers can legally carry out a boiler service. Always check your engineer is Gas Safe registered.

2.      Check boiler pressure

Your boiler will have a pressure gauge on it with a pressure level readout. When your heating system is cool, the readout should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. When your heating system is hot, the pressure should rise by 0.5 to 1 bar. Check your boiler pressure monthly to ensure that your heating system functions adequately.

3.      Bleed your radiators once a year

Although this maintenance tip doesn’t directly relate to the boiler, it is still an essential aspect of heating maintenance. Bleeding radiators is a simple piece of maintenance that will ensure your radiators work to their maximum efficiency. To bleed a radiator, switch off your boiler and place a towel or rag beneath the radiator’s side where the valve is. Now, use your radiator key or tool to turn the valve anti-clockwise. It should start to hiss as gas escapes.

4.      Turn your heating on periodically

Even during the summer, it is best practice to boot up your central heating system every now and again to “dust away the cobwebs”, so to speak. Booting up your central heating system will allow water to flow through the pipes as intended, and it will keep your boiler in working order. It will also burn off any dust on the radiators, to prevent that nasty burning smell radiators are known for if they haven’t been used for a while.

5.      Note sure? Call a professional engineer to help you

If you experience problems with your boiler, such as a lack of heating or a boiler that won’t shut down, you should contact a Gas Safe registered engineer for assistance. If you are based in Leeds or the surrounding area, you can call us for expert advice on 0113 250 9656. Alternatively, you can contact us or request a call back here. Our email address is Info@Nsphltd.Co.Uk. We specialise in boiler and heating care in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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